For the most expedient service, email our professional teams for help on our most common questions. 

Washoe County Parks & Open Space                                                                                        , Phone: (775) 823-6501

  • Community programs, reservable park facilities, trails throughout Washoe County, Nevada

Washoe County Engineering and Capital Projects                                                                              , Phone: (775) 328-2040

  • Information on technical engineering questions review of your permit comments
  • Information on Capital Projects/utilities review/status of map review/inspections
  • All current capital projects are still in development or implementation

Washoe County Planning                                                                                     ,Phone: (775) 328-6100                                                                        

  • Questions about land use, development standards, setbacks, etc.
  • Questions about planning /land use applications (special use permits, tentative maps, etc.)

Washoe County Business License                                                                        , Phone, (775) 328-3733                                                                   

  • Support for online submission of business licenses for unincorporated Washoe County

Washoe County Building                                                                                   , Phone: (775) 328-2020
  • Information on Electronic Review of building permits, support with inspections, support for the permitting intake
Washoe County Code Enforcement                                                                      , Phone: (775) 328-6106
  • Report a code compliance compliant through Washoe 311: Dial 3-1-1 or search 3-1-1 Online
Washoe County Utilities, Phone: (775) 954-4601
  • Support for utility payments
Washoe County Roads 
Phone: (775) 328-2180                                                                                                         
  • Report a road or stormwater maintenance issue
Washoe County General CSD                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Phone: (775) 328-3600
  • For questions not answered above or general information

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Washoe County Community Services Department offers alternatives to in person meetings including ZOOM, Teams, Drop-Off Bins and phone or email conversations with our experts. In addition, we offer opportunities to meet with our professional teams by appointment. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.